Helping Bozeman Property Owners Protect and Grow Rental Investments

We have nearly a decade of experience renting out our own properties, so we understands the concerns of many property owners. We know that they want to find a company who will help them protect and grow the investment as though it was their own. At Schmidt Property Management, that is precisely the service we provide.We manage both residential and commercial properties for our clients. Our extensive experience in the real estate business along with our knowledge of the local area helps us position our clients’ properties and market them to the right audience. We provide thorough tenant screening services and help match each property with the perfect resident.

Our property owners can trust us to manage the day-to-day operations associated with running a property rental. From tasks such as signing contracts to collecting rent, we help make it easy to own a rental in Bozeman, Montana. We also help with tasks such as preparing properties for new tenants and ensuring that the properties are properly cared for throughout the rental.

With Schmidt Property Management, property owners can trust that we will make it simple and profitable to own a rental in our area.

Services We Offer

  • Licensed by the state of Montana.
  • Know state laws and keep up on all the changes with continued education that is attended yearly.
  • Provide and enforce lease.
  • Interview potential tenants, call references, verify employment, call previous land lords to verify
    rental history, run credit and background checks.
  • Regular inspections of properties every 90 days (verifies tenants are keeping your
    investment/property in good working order).
  • While there we will change your furnace filters, if provided by owner, when needed
  • Collect monthly rent/prorate when it applies.
  • Distribute income, minus any expenses.
  • Pay any utility bills that the owner is paying on the property.
  • Owner contracts are set that we don’t get paid unless the unit is filled, so no monthly
    management fee on vacant units.
  • Provide monthly statements.
  • Provide year end statements.
  • Provide 1099’s
  • Advertise the units via signs in the yard, craigslist and website.
  • Take digital photos of property for adds.
  • Make sure units have had the carpets professionally cleaned and that the units are clean and
    ready for the next tenant.
  • Provide a market-analyst every year and adjust rent, to maximize owner profit.
  • Leases are set during “peak” rental time to maximize rent.
  • Maintain a trust account per the State of Montana requirements.
  • Have a high retention rate with tenants (80%).
  • Have a 100% owner retention rate.
  • Large client base to fill your units quickly.